Month: June 2016

The spark of love for Fish Keeping Hobby

I chanced upon this picture of a Planted Tank on Instagram 2 months ago and was totally captured by the beauty of it.


Planted Tank 

The next moment I knew, I have made my way down to Green chapter to get my 5L Aqualighter Daquarium, Elephant skin Rocks and 2 bags of Gex Planted soil.


5L – Desktop Aquarium Set (Pico Set) 

As I want a low tech planted set, I need to find a carpet grass seeds which will not die easily on me. Plus, it will be cheaper for me to handle the maintenance of my Pico Tank. *Chuckle*

So, it did grow into a nice carpet and I was looking around for a nice Betta Fish to add into my Tank.

To my horror, I woke up one day to realize that my Tank has this tiny white wriggling stuff hanging onto the surface of the Tank water. Fortunately, it is Planaria, a type of water pest which will only come when your tank has ton of nutrients for them to feast on. It is known to be harmless to the human species. However, I was feeling shucked out by the appearance of it and cannot imagine it leaching onto the skin of my Betta Fish.

After having some consideration,  I decided to restart my Planted Tank into a Fish only Tank. Planted Tank is not really my forte. You really need a lot of patience and mad love for tank maintenance, else your tank will be full of Pests and Algae everywhere. That sounds exactly like recipe of disaster to me.

In order to save time, I went into Betta Club Sg to check if there was any sale for Koi Betta going around. Fortunately, there was a lot of choices for me to look at and I ended up falling for this little guy in the video below.


Cute right?

After trying a few filters system for him, I decided to go for the Sponge Filter system.

No overpowering of suction and strong waterflow in my Tank. The perfect solution for my Blowy the Betta. Yes, his name is Blowy.

For the airpump, I bought the latest Ocean Free Vultron pump. It looks really sleek and nice on my desk with its volcano-like design.

Here is the final picture for you guys!


Looking nice, right?

Hopefully he will love his stay in my house.