Month: September 2016

Oh So Delicious Cuppa Lava Cake – Chocolate Origin

Gf and I were supposed to head down to AMK Coffee Bean for some chilling session when she told me she want to try Chocolate Origin Lava Cake. It costs $5.50 for a cup. =D

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Oozing with Lava

My eyes widen when I took a bite of it. The warm brownie with the sweet lava spot in the middle on top was baked to the right temperature and the vanilla Ice cream at the bottom was creamy and sweet. When you combined both of the flavors together, you will get an unforgettable sinful experience. =)



Feeling stuck in your job?

Cause that’s exactly what I am feeling right now. When you have a hand-off Boss, who has a traditional mindset towards the Company management. There is nothing much you can do. But it’s definitely much better to stay for a year than to leave in within a few months. Yes, it’s suck. But it allowed me to pay my monthly bills and loans.

So I decided to write this post as a reminder to myself in the rest of the 5 months that I have left.

  1. Learn new skills 


Yes. Instead of feeling fuck up and fed up about your life. Try to read articles on the internet like Medium and  keep yourself updated in the current news. For me, I have recently pick up Fish-keeping hobby and learn how to play Squash for this year. So, it’s a pretty good year for me.  Not that sucky.

2. Do a mini weekend escape to other country 


Yes. It’s important to save. It’s even important to see the world when you are in your 20s. Plus, mini weekend escapes are able to let you escape your current situation for a moment. I have already took a mini trip to KL and Genting for this year with my gf. Heading soon to Japan at November. At least that is a major distraction for me at the moment.

What’s yours?

3. Start a project 


Yes. Find something meaningful to do. I did. Like starting this WordPress site. Find something that you have been putting off for years. I mean if you cannot change the situation of your career, at least there is something for you to work on at the moment. Go and start a project. It can be anything like to be able to converse in Cantonese within a year or do a smiling video for each day like those famous Youtubers. Anything? Up for you to find out what really drive you on.

4. Download a Countdown app

Screenshot_2016-09-24-23-45-28 (1).png

I love Countdown Apps. They are a great reminder of amazing things are coming soon and I will always feel a sense of satisfaction after looking at it.

For my current lackadaisical situation, I choose to download Zui Days for its high resolution images at the back of the ticking numbers. It serves as a reminder of how a year can pass by that quickly. Nothing is permanent, neither is my trouble.

5. Scroll through the online Job Portals once in a while


It’s always great to scroll through the online Job Portals once in a while to remind yourself of the number of amazing jobs that you can get to do once you are out of your current Pigeon-hole. At the same time, you are able to update yourself with what is the current job industry at the moment. So, I am window shopping right now.

6. Change your perspective


Yes, it’s sucks. Nothing is going your way. You tried so hard and it is not really working. Life is about sucking it up and acting like it doesn’t matter. Yes, we need to suck it up at time. I have agreed to that T&C of life. But I will not allow myself to feel miserable  everyday. That isn’t healthy.

I have learnt how to unloose myself and let myself be zen in my current situation.


A trip down to Don’t Tell MaMa – 1 For 1 Beergarita

My gf and I were craving for a drink in the middle of the week and decided to head down to DTMM for their 1 for 1 Beergarita promotion.



I order a Summerita while my love ordered a lycheerita. There are 3 choices of beer such as Hite, Soju and Negra Modelo for you to choose from. We both decided on Soju, as we love to take on a drink challenge every now and then. (Yes to 16.9%)

*We headed home like a pair of high donkeys after that. (It’s pretty strong)

But of course, it was a Wednesday night. So we paced our drink to 2 hours plus while chomping on our Bulgogi Tortilla Pizza and Bulgogi Fries.

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Bulgogi Fries

It was a wonderful blend of flavors bursting at the tip of our tongues. It was dripped with bulbobi sauce and sour cream. On top of that,  the  slight spicy taste of  Bulgogi Beef certainly added an extra punch in such a big basket of bar bite.

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Bulgogi Tortilla Pizza

It was served in a nice saucepan onto our table. That was delicious enough for us to eyes feast at it. I really need to talk about the cheese on it. It’s fantastically cheesy! Every slices you pulled up from the pan, you can see the cheese lining from the side. The Bulgogi beef was tender in all the right places and the crust was just nice to my preference. Not too crusty and not too thin. A perfect thickness for my teeth to bite into. Yumz~

That’s all for today. =)