A trip down to Don’t Tell MaMa – 1 For 1 Beergarita

My gf and I were craving for a drink in the middle of the week and decided to head down to DTMM for their 1 for 1 Beergarita promotion.



I order a Summerita while my love ordered a lycheerita. There are 3 choices of beer such as Hite, Soju and Negra Modelo for you to choose from. We both decided on Soju, as we love to take on a drink challenge every now and then. (Yes to 16.9%)

*We headed home like a pair of high donkeys after that. (It’s pretty strong)

But of course, it was a Wednesday night. So we paced our drink to 2 hours plus while chomping on our Bulgogi Tortilla Pizza and Bulgogi Fries.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Bulgogi Fries

It was a wonderful blend of flavors bursting at the tip of our tongues. It was dripped with bulbobi sauce and sour cream. On top of that,  the  slight spicy taste of  Bulgogi Beef certainly added an extra punch in such a big basket of bar bite.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Bulgogi Tortilla Pizza

It was served in a nice saucepan onto our table. That was delicious enough for us to eyes feast at it. I really need to talk about the cheese on it. It’s fantastically cheesy! Every slices you pulled up from the pan, you can see the cheese lining from the side. The Bulgogi beef was tender in all the right places and the crust was just nice to my preference. Not too crusty and not too thin. A perfect thickness for my teeth to bite into. Yumz~

That’s all for today. =)


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