Month: October 2016

Growing old is a pain in the ass for Singaporean “Working class” Elderly

Let’s start by going all the way back to the 60s.

For this post, I will use two 60 years old males as an example of the income gap in Singapore and how it has spiraled down to our current situation.


I will use Mr Wooden Spoon and Mr Silver Spoon as an example right here.

Let’s talk about Mr Wooden spoon first. His dad was a blue-collar worker in the 60s, which was enough to feed a family of 6-8 people.


Example of a Factory Worker in a Paper Factory

To Wooden’s dad, it’s more than enough if his children has clothes to wear, food to eat and a school to attend. When Wooden reached 7 years old, his dad enrolled him into a Chinese-stream school.

In education, for example, the government did not attempt to regulate and support the number of Chinese schools and, at the same time, encourage the growth of English-stream schools. The Chinese-educated became an under-privileged group; they had no opportunities for tertiary education nor could they hope to be employed in the civil service.

~The Development of Education in Singapore Since 1965


There was the first split in between the “Elite” class and the “working” class of Singapore.

Example of a Chinese-Stream School in the 60s as shown below.



Let’s talk about Mr Silver Spoon. His dad was a humble lawyer who was able to afford a good house for his Family. He was one of the minority in his era to understand the importance of Education and started to save up a sum of Money for his Son University’s fees.

Example of a lawyer’s job in the 60s.

Much of my litigation work in Singapore then was concerned with moneylenders’ actions, property disputes (especially rent-controlled disputes) and debt collection. We were paid adequately but not handsomely and, in my case, I was given a fixed bonus of one month every year. However, the cost of living was very low, and a bit of frugality would allow a young lawyer to buy even a small house in the best district in Singapore.

~Reflections of a Former Practitioner

When Silver reached 7 years old, his dad enrolled him into a English-stream school.


Trafalgar English School

When Mr Wooden reached 16 years old, he decided to drop out of school to work instead as tertiary education need a good command of English to enroll in. Mr Silver on the other hand has successfully attained a place in National Junior College, the first specialized co-educational government school established in independent Singapore for top pre-university students.


There is the second split of differences for Singapore. One has succumbed to the fate of “working class” and the other was destined to climb even further up onto the “elite” class ladder.

Fast forward to a few years later, Mr Wooden is a technician who lived from paycheck to paycheck while Mr Silver is a lawyer who understood the theory of Investment.


Right now, both men are in their 60s. Mr Silver is able to retire comfortably in a few years time while Mr Wooden has his financial stress of not having enough to live a basic minimal life and might need to work till to his 80s.

Hopefully Singapore government will do something about this impending issue. Else I will be planning my own retirement at Malaysia with my partner.


A response to Ms Melinda on gay kissing in Singapore.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of PDA.

Be it heterosexual or homosexual, it’s just simply awkward to see 2 tongues waging in front of me as shown below.

I am not a big fan of Stomp by the way. That’s what google smacked into my face when I typed “Kissing in MRT”.

What you can do is to just look elsewhere or try to squeeze into another place where you could not see saliva drooling everywhere on the floor.

I respect everyone’s rights, but this is Simply Disgusting in a public space. ~Melinda

At least, we are on the same page right here. Ms Melinda. =)

What if my children saw this and asked “Mummy, why are the two men kissing?” Would I have to answer “It’s the same as normal love and marriage. The only difference is that one man opens his buttocks for the other man to put his private part inside but in the end, no babies come out. They only get AIDS”?!


I mean I will ask if I am a kid. I did ask my Mum when I was a 7 years old kid. That memory is still vivid in my brain, especially that school girl sitting on a man’s lap in a MRT. My mum just asked me to shut up! It’s like what all Asian parents do anyway. You can just tell your kid to shut up! No need to explain too much. They will understand when the time is right. That’s how I grow up too.

But the way of your reasoning to your kid was extremely repulsive. Let me put it in this way.

7 years old Kid,” Mummy! Why are the man and woman kissing over there?”

You,”It’s normal. That’s how a man and woman make love. The man sticks his penis into the woman’s vagina. In the end, baby drop out from there.”

I will be horrified if I am that 7 years old kid. It’s too much explanation and information of the human sexual organs. I think we can use a better method to explain the meaning of PDA instead of trying to sex up an explanation to a kid. Right? Woman?

Most people in SG already know they exist but would prefer that they just go back inside the closet and stop seeking attention.


There you go again. We should ask all the people in the train to stop kissing cause they are all seeking attention from the public. That I agreed with you. We should follow Ms Josephine Teo’s advise to kiss and have sex in a small space. Closet is a perfect place to fuck each other brain out. =D

Some of them are not contented with Pink Dot and intimacy in private. Instead, they want to flaunt their gayness in public and ‘confront’ normal heterosexual couples until they accept them as normal and see them as equally ‘married’.


May I know what do you mean by confront? For what I know, the definition of confront is to “come face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent”. Let me tell you, it’s always the heterosexual people “confronting” the homosexual people instead. Have you been reading news recently?

There you see. A lot of people are on your side. No worries, you can join them and wave the cards high into the air. =)

For many of us, life is not just about fulfilling sexual fetishes that are falsely attributed to genetics.

~ Melinda

Let’s just put it in this way. What if this world you are living in is not a heterosexual society by nature? Someone is asking you to enjoy pussy instead of a proper dick in your vagina? How would you feel? Having a dick sticking into your vagina feel more right than a finger right? You will definitely agree with me on that. It’s the same for the gay community.  Having the same sexual organs with their partner feel more comfortable for them. It’s not just a sexual fetish. A human has a right to choose what go in and what come out of their private part. Nobody got a right to stop you or force you to try something you doesn’t feel comfortable with your own body. Do you understand?

I hope you do.

Delicious Deutsch Skillet Pancake @ d’Good Cafe

My gf has just found out that Mr Chew Chong Meng, one of my favorite local celebrity has set up a cafe business in Singapore recently.  d’Good Cafe has been operating for a few years in Singapore. We decided to head down to the Holland Village branch as we want a cozy area to chill and relax.


My gf ordered a Green Tea Cream Frappe while I ordered a cup of Maple Seasalt Latte. The Green Tea Frappe was sweet to a certain extent, while the Seasalt Latte was simply quite salty to a certain extent.

To be honest, we were super full from our buffet lunch. Unfortunately,  the smell of the pancake from the other table was wafting to our table.


After much persuasion to the reluctant bloated gf, she finally gave in to my incessant whining about us sharing a pan of pancake. Yay! We both decided on the same Strawberry berries flavor.


Oozing in Strawberries, cherries and Vanilla Ice-cream

I was shocked by the size of the pan. I was expecting it to be a dainty looking size but it was the size of your Mother’s saucepan. Fresh and hot from the oven, the staffs were nice enough to place the pan on a serving tray for easy transportation from the counter to the table.

We were looking at it with heart shapes forming around the corner of our eyes until we realized that the Ice cream is melting at the side. One bite of it was simply spellbinding. There was a hint of sour in the strawberries  and a bloom of sweetness developed soon right after that slight tinge of piquant flavor. Its taste was as good as it looks!


We will definitely go back soon!

Let’s talk about my love for Fried Chicken.

First and foremost, I love meat. I believe it’s a god  given right for us to eat meat as we the human species are omnivorous by nature.

My gf and I were craving for some tender fried crispy chicken last Sunday. So we headed down to Arnold’s Chicken at Yishun to satisfy our craving.


It’s one of the pioneer Halal eateries in Singapore back in the 80s and is still going strong for 30 years. Hurray for them!

As usual, we ordered our usual meal, the 2 pieces meal. It’s $7.30 for a plate. =)


It has 2 pieces of specially marinated chicken, which are deep fried till golden brown and served alongside with their crunchy potato fries and coleslaw. In this case, we preferred the mash potato as can be seen from the picture above. =)

What I really liked about Arnold is that their Fried Chicken meat has a homely taste to it. It’s taste like a dish, which your Mum or Dad has just fried it for dinner. A smooth tender chicken meat nestled up in its delicate crispy golden brown skin is just too perfect to let it go away.

For those who are feeling hungry after reading this, below is the address for you to hop over for tonight dinner.

Address: 51 Yishun Central 1, 10 Cinema Cineplex #01-04, 768794

5 Reasons on why I bought the Panasonic Lumix TZ70.

I am not going to explain all the specs and technical stuffs over here.

If you interested to know, find out more from Lumix TZ70 site.

Piggy Bank.jpg

  1. It’s within my Budget

I was stuck for a week thinking should I get a $1k mirrorless camera or a $400 plus point & Shoot camera. But I was thinking since it’s my first compact camera for the first time like ever, I decided to opt for a budget friendly camera. My Lumix TZ70 costs around $400 plus. Totally within my Budget.


2. I am a huge fan of Leica

The camera has a Leica DC VARIO ELMAR 30x zoom lens with a focal length range of 4.3-129mm, which gives a 35mm equivalent range of 24-720mm and an aperture range of f/3.3-6.4 (wide-tele).Yes, this is a specification of the camera. But this is an amazing one.


3. It can really zoom

Yes, It has the ability to zoom with its 30x range. Panasonic has too incorporated its own advanced Hybrid OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilizer Plus) five-axis system, which promises to keep this kind of blur to a minimum and is available for both stills and video. I was sitting a few tables away from this aunty above and it has the ability to capture the scene in a split second too. A great camera for street photography for me. =)

photo-1471102204080-fe99e6db4ef0.jpg4. Its Macro shot is fantastic! (At least for me)

I know there will be professional and camera experts bombarding me that they are other better cameras around which can able to zoom down into the pores of the chocolate chips on the donut. But to me, this really works for me. It offers a Macro setting that allows you to focus on a subject that is 3cms away from the camera when the lens is set to wide-angle.

photo-1446410320700-66a291be8daa.jpg5. Motivation to take more nice photograph

Phone camera is great. But somehow, a real solid camera is always better than your own phone. Not trying to a snob here. I have seen too much pictures on Instagram and Facebook to see that there is really a major difference between both. Of course, capturing a moment with a phone is definitely much more convenient than a camera. But Lumix TZ70 has managed to capture my heart with its fast shutter and image stabilizer. Therefore, it’s one of my daily carry out items in my bag.

That’s all! Folks!



The Coffee Man film night

I pulled my gf to watch The Coffee Man Film with me last Wednesday.

The film was screened at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. It was a collaboration with Cafebond.

Their kitchen was closed for the screening. Luckily, Cedele was opened beside the cafe, thus we went to have a quick dinner before popping back for the show.

We were served a cup of latte, which was a Black Betty blend from ONA coffee and a cup of Gattett Popcorn. =)

It was an interesting film of an acclaimed Bosnian-born Australian barista Sasa Sestic who traveled to various origins in search of coffees of the highest imaginable quality and how he managed to win the Barista Championships in 2015.

An inspiring film really. His obsession, his hard work and passions toward coffee is something to learn. The crowd was cheering for him in and out of the screen.

Can’t wait to go for next year Singapore National Barista Championship 2017!