Let’s talk about my love for Fried Chicken.

First and foremost, I love meat. I believe it’s a god  given right for us to eat meat as we the human species are omnivorous by nature.

My gf and I were craving for some tender fried crispy chicken last Sunday. So we headed down to Arnold’s Chicken at Yishun to satisfy our craving.


It’s one of the pioneer Halal eateries in Singapore back in the 80s and is still going strong for 30 years. Hurray for them!

As usual, we ordered our usual meal, the 2 pieces meal. It’s $7.30 for a plate. =)


It has 2 pieces of specially marinated chicken, which are deep fried till golden brown and served alongside with their crunchy potato fries and coleslaw. In this case, we preferred the mash potato as can be seen from the picture above. =)

What I really liked about Arnold is that their Fried Chicken meat has a homely taste to it. It’s taste like a dish, which your Mum or Dad has just fried it for dinner. A smooth tender chicken meat nestled up in its delicate crispy golden brown skin is just too perfect to let it go away.

For those who are feeling hungry after reading this, below is the address for you to hop over for tonight dinner.

Address: 51 Yishun Central 1, 10 Cinema Cineplex #01-04, 768794


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