Delicious Deutsch Skillet Pancake @ d’Good Cafe

My gf has just found out that Mr Chew Chong Meng, one of my favorite local celebrity has set up a cafe business in Singapore recently.  d’Good Cafe has been operating for a few years in Singapore. We decided to head down to the Holland Village branch as we want a cozy area to chill and relax.


My gf ordered a Green Tea Cream Frappe while I ordered a cup of Maple Seasalt Latte. The Green Tea Frappe was sweet to a certain extent, while the Seasalt Latte was simply quite salty to a certain extent.

To be honest, we were super full from our buffet lunch. Unfortunately,  the smell of the pancake from the other table was wafting to our table.


After much persuasion to the reluctant bloated gf, she finally gave in to my incessant whining about us sharing a pan of pancake. Yay! We both decided on the same Strawberry berries flavor.


Oozing in Strawberries, cherries and Vanilla Ice-cream

I was shocked by the size of the pan. I was expecting it to be a dainty looking size but it was the size of your Mother’s saucepan. Fresh and hot from the oven, the staffs were nice enough to place the pan on a serving tray for easy transportation from the counter to the table.

We were looking at it with heart shapes forming around the corner of our eyes until we realized that the Ice cream is melting at the side. One bite of it was simply spellbinding. There was a hint of sour in the strawberries  and a bloom of sweetness developed soon right after that slight tinge of piquant flavor. Its taste was as good as it looks!


We will definitely go back soon!


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