A response to Ms Melinda on gay kissing in Singapore.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of PDA.

Be it heterosexual or homosexual, it’s just simply awkward to see 2 tongues waging in front of me as shown below.

I am not a big fan of Stomp by the way. That’s what google smacked into my face when I typed “Kissing in MRT”.

What you can do is to just look elsewhere or try to squeeze into another place where you could not see saliva drooling everywhere on the floor.

I respect everyone’s rights, but this is Simply Disgusting in a public space. ~Melinda

At least, we are on the same page right here. Ms Melinda. =)

What if my children saw this and asked “Mummy, why are the two men kissing?” Would I have to answer “It’s the same as normal love and marriage. The only difference is that one man opens his buttocks for the other man to put his private part inside but in the end, no babies come out. They only get AIDS”?!


I mean I will ask if I am a kid. I did ask my Mum when I was a 7 years old kid. That memory is still vivid in my brain, especially that school girl sitting on a man’s lap in a MRT. My mum just asked me to shut up! It’s like what all Asian parents do anyway. You can just tell your kid to shut up! No need to explain too much. They will understand when the time is right. That’s how I grow up too.

But the way of your reasoning to your kid was extremely repulsive. Let me put it in this way.

7 years old Kid,” Mummy! Why are the man and woman kissing over there?”

You,”It’s normal. That’s how a man and woman make love. The man sticks his penis into the woman’s vagina. In the end, baby drop out from there.”

I will be horrified if I am that 7 years old kid. It’s too much explanation and information of the human sexual organs. I think we can use a better method to explain the meaning of PDA instead of trying to sex up an explanation to a kid. Right? Woman?

Most people in SG already know they exist but would prefer that they just go back inside the closet and stop seeking attention.


There you go again. We should ask all the people in the train to stop kissing cause they are all seeking attention from the public. That I agreed with you. We should follow Ms Josephine Teo’s advise to kiss and have sex in a small space. Closet is a perfect place to fuck each other brain out. =D

Some of them are not contented with Pink Dot and intimacy in private. Instead, they want to flaunt their gayness in public and ‘confront’ normal heterosexual couples until they accept them as normal and see them as equally ‘married’.


May I know what do you mean by confront? For what I know, the definition of confront is to “come face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent”. Let me tell you, it’s always the heterosexual people “confronting” the homosexual people instead. Have you been reading news recently?

There you see. A lot of people are on your side. No worries, you can join them and wave the cards high into the air. =)

For many of us, life is not just about fulfilling sexual fetishes that are falsely attributed to genetics.

~ Melinda

Let’s just put it in this way. What if this world you are living in is not a heterosexual society by nature? Someone is asking you to enjoy pussy instead of a proper dick in your vagina? How would you feel? Having a dick sticking into your vagina feel more right than a finger right? You will definitely agree with me on that. It’s the same for the gay community.  Having the same sexual organs with their partner feel more comfortable for them. It’s not just a sexual fetish. A human has a right to choose what go in and what come out of their private part. Nobody got a right to stop you or force you to try something you doesn’t feel comfortable with your own body. Do you understand?

I hope you do.


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