Month: June 2017

3 Reasons on why Singaporeans love to call the Police

I am shocked. Like really shocked at what I have been seeing on Facebook recently.

Too many Singaporeans are calling the Polices for any slightest shit that they saw on Facebook , which they think that it might hurt our county.

Anything that doesn’t seems right or does not align to my own personal value deserve a call to the Police station. What?

I have a list too.

  1. Mansplanning
  2. Man Spreading
  3. Bible Thumpers
  4. Fervently Religious People
  5. Grumpy and rude old people
  6. The list can go and go

Should I call the police? Nope right?

But why Singaporean love to call the Police?

  1. Upbringing

Kid in Tux

I myself grow up in a complain friendly environment. Both of my parents love to complain about almost everything, from my School Teachers and to the friends I was making at school. Fortunately, I am the opposite version of my parents. I have a live and let go mindset. But for most people, they are unfortunately a copy and paste version of their parents. Probably they grew up seeing how much power that their parents have when they are complaining to the school teacher or maybe to the Police station.

2. Education 


The best thing about Singapore Education is how we are taught to ignore the differences of races. Even if a kid was being bully by another kid at school, it is definitely not about the color of their skin and not the religion he believed in. It was always about other factors. So when anything that will stir up racial disharmony shit in Singapore, Singaporeans will pounce on the person and tear him or her apart. For example, the issue on the Ah Boys To Men Casting Saga definitely brought out certain issues that most Chinese Singaporeans refused to admit. We are the advantageous group and we need to see how other groups of people are able to receive the fair treatment that we are receiving on a daily basic. But someone was butthurt by the issue and decided to call the Police. So now, even a rant on Facebook is a police case? Whut? Can’t a person rant? He was just saying his own personal view. You don’t like it, you can just scroll down on Facebook.

     3. Comfort Zonist


A name I come up for the type of people who refuse to step out of their comfort zone. But I won’t blame them as this is what they want in life. The problem is that they want everyone to stay in the same zone as them. But as the world moves on, the rules will change along the way. Whether you like it or not, you need to know not everyone is going to play by the same rules as you. This is part and parcel of life. The recent pink dot saga is one of the many examples. It is just a banner. There is no gay agenda, no targeting at naive kids and definitely not trying to turn all Singaporean males into gay. Trust me, there are plenty of heterosexual males to go around. All are willing to participate in the procreation of the next Singapore generation. If you hate pinkdot, you can lock yourself at home and make a call to the Police station. Happy calling! =)