My thought on I am Michael the movie.


I love this Movie.

Franco’s awesome acting skills and Zachary’s delicious accent were quite captivating in this movie.

I guess everyone has that fear once in your life. What is going to happen to me after I died? Where will I be going? Will I remember anything from this life?

When I was much younger, I was horrified at my own Chinese’s ancestral and Buddhist reincarnation concept.


So I found a church and dabble in Christianity. For a while, it was great and I loved the music, the sermon and the feel-good vibe for every weekend.


One day,  I woke up one day and feel nothing but peace. No fear of the future and no shame of my past. I took some time to study up on Buddhist’s guide to life and the beauty of Chinese’s ancestral worshipping. It’s kinda fun to rediscover the culture that I grew up in.


I realised that I was simply just a free thinker.  All religions have the same guidance for how to live your life. Let’s call them as Humanity first batch of Psychologist. They listen and came up with the solution on how to deal with your own mini-crisis.

There weren’t any Shrink, Psychologist and Mental Health Doctors at that era. People are looking for a direction to live their life or someone to show them how to live it to the best as they can.


So here pop up the 5 popular religions in the world as shown below.

  • Christianity  (2.1 billion)
  • Islam (1.3 billion)
  • Hinduism (900 million)
  • Chinese traditional religion (394 million)
  • Buddhism (376 million)

I believe God is actually the universe in my own opinion. Somehow, I believe that there is spiritual energy in all human beings. It’s a just a matter if you are willing to tap into it. Praying, bowing, offering joss sticks and burning paper goods are just simply a ritual to tap into the spiritual cosmos to enhance your subconscious mindset.


The driving fear for Micheal is the fear of the unknown and he wouldn’t stop at nothing just to get his permanent spot in Heaven. He broke up with his 10 years bf, tried to sleep with a straight woman, go back to study at a Bible college and decided to get married to a straight woman.


Bible is written by men and it was written at the time when wars are reigning everywhere and there was no guideline from anyone. So someone decided to arouse everybody attention by using the word God. There are incest, rapes and war in almost every page of the book. I not too sure about you. The only part of the bible which is worth reading is the New Testaments. By utilizing God and putting fear in believer’s heart, you will create a permanent fan base which will be there until the end of the time.


I believe in the Big Bang, the evolution of human being and how we are an accidental Genes created by Mother Earth.  At the same time, I believe in reincarnation and I believe everyone has a soul of somebody’s past and that’s such a beautiful thing to believe in it. Earning a permanent spot in Heaven is too boring for me. I want to come back to Earth again.


But whichever rock your boat and if you can sense God around your presence, go ahead and walk on your own path.



Enjoy loving the process of finding the right hole for your “Screw-up”

Yes, you screw up.

Big or small, I don’t really care.

The issue here right now is that you screw it up.

And sometimes, it’s a wonderful thing that you screw it up. Or maybe, life screw you up.

You know what? This might be something that twists you open from your current shit hole and pushes you into the direction that you deserve to be.

A lot of people are comfortable. In the own zone. Complaining, sulking and bitching in their same own zone. They are scared to screw it up.

So you know what? They allowed themselves to screw in the same old hole and let themselves rust into oblivious.

By the time they realized it, their screw kinda stuck and it won’t bulge out from the hole.

But for you, cause you have screwed it up. You know which part needs fixing, you know which kind of position you need to place yourself in order to suceed. You know which part of yourself need some polishing and sharpening. You are ready for the next screw up in life and aren’t scared of it anymore.


Let me tell you. People like a loose screw story. Nobody likes to hear a firm bolt and nut story such as how you were born in a nice hospital, gotten straight A in school, graduated from some posh University and taken some parents’ money and set up your own company. You know what? That story sucks and Hollywood ain buying that kinda story that makes people yawn. That’s no potential in the story. Nothing to make people sit up on their chair and cheer for you. Nothing to make people wanting to be there in the scene to celebrate your victory. Nothing. Just a plain smooth screw story.


It’s always in the fixing. The journey of finding the right hole or creating your own hole to sit yourself in it. So you know what, being screw up sucks big time. But it might be the greatest story you will ever tell to the world.

So fuck it up and come back again like a phoenix.



5 ways to face the shits in your life


Yes, Shit does happen in life. I have in one right now and I can say it sort of allow me to slow my life right now and think about all the nooks and crannies which I have been through this recent years.

Truth is I wasn’t growing in the way I want in life and I have been questioning the universe and god if this is the right path for me. Am I on the right path? Am I in the right way? Lost? I thought I wasn’t but the truth is I have been lost this 2 years plus. All the way up till now. It has finally snowballed into a big ball of shit right now.

Perhaps something needs to end in order for Universe to sort some backend stuff in their office. For now, I finally found my peace, which has been lost for almost 2 years. So, I really want to share my techniques with you guys if you are in the same situation as me right now.

  1. Question yourself


Go to a place you like and ask. Preferably somewhere with no people. Go deep into your heart and ask yourself wtf u want in life. Answer your own questions. Nobody can answer for you. You need to figure out yourself and be super honest about your own truth. Stop lying. Stop finding excuses. When you finally found the answer to your question. Trust me, a kind of acceptance will be settled into your chaotic heart and mind.

2. Manifest about what you want and trust in the Universe


Go ahead. Try it. It’s free. It’s not a self-help book for you to throw your money into it. I ain going to tell you how to do. Go to youtube and search for it. I have tried it over and over in my life cause it really works. I have seen miracles manifesting in my life through using the lesson from Law of Universe. Every time shit happens, always believe you are meant to be put in that spot for greater things to come into your life. Yes, it might be too dark to see it at the moment but trust in it.

3. Give thanks to everything in your life


The moment when these words hit you in the eyes, you are able to see and understand what am I typing and trying to convey to you. This is a gift of education. Be grateful about it. The moment you switch on your laptop with a click or a button on your phone, you have the equipment to be able to communicate with your friends, relatives and partner. Be grateful that you are born in the right era to enjoy the technologies you are having right now. Give thanks and feel your feeling lifted up for that moment.

4. Download a playlist of soothing songs and motivational podcasts


It’s okay to feel shitty even after doing the first 3 tips as mentioned. So make a playlist of soothing songs to fade yourself into it or listen to motivational podcasts from people such as Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss and Simon Sinek. These guys are fabulous and able to sorta help you feel a bit better in this shitty world. One of my favourites is this. Surround yourself with positivity is the first step to everything. Trust me. You will feel a lot better after listening to them.

5. Subscribe to motivational video on Youtube 


I never did in the past. So I started to subscribe to videos which gave me a glimpse of hope in the current shit I am in right now. It helps a lot. Anytime the creator created a new video, it’s like another pill for my soul and a trigger for me to try again one more time.

There is this saying from Haruki Murakami.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

Let’s face the rainbow at the end of the storm together.

3 Reasons on why Singaporeans love to call the Police

I am shocked. Like really shocked at what I have been seeing on Facebook recently.

Too many Singaporeans are calling the Polices for any slightest shit that they saw on Facebook , which they think that it might hurt our county.

Anything that doesn’t seems right or does not align to my own personal value deserve a call to the Police station. What?

I have a list too.

  1. Mansplanning
  2. Man Spreading
  3. Bible Thumpers
  4. Fervently Religious People
  5. Grumpy and rude old people
  6. The list can go and go

Should I call the police? Nope right?

But why Singaporean love to call the Police?

  1. Upbringing

Kid in Tux

I myself grow up in a complain friendly environment. Both of my parents love to complain about almost everything, from my School Teachers and to the friends I was making at school. Fortunately, I am the opposite version of my parents. I have a live and let go mindset. But for most people, they are unfortunately a copy and paste version of their parents. Probably they grew up seeing how much power that their parents have when they are complaining to the school teacher or maybe to the Police station.

2. Education 


The best thing about Singapore Education is how we are taught to ignore the differences of races. Even if a kid was being bully by another kid at school, it is definitely not about the color of their skin and not the religion he believed in. It was always about other factors. So when anything that will stir up racial disharmony shit in Singapore, Singaporeans will pounce on the person and tear him or her apart. For example, the issue on the Ah Boys To Men Casting Saga definitely brought out certain issues that most Chinese Singaporeans refused to admit. We are the advantageous group and we need to see how other groups of people are able to receive the fair treatment that we are receiving on a daily basic. But someone was butthurt by the issue and decided to call the Police. So now, even a rant on Facebook is a police case? Whut? Can’t a person rant? He was just saying his own personal view. You don’t like it, you can just scroll down on Facebook.

     3. Comfort Zonist


A name I come up for the type of people who refuse to step out of their comfort zone. But I won’t blame them as this is what they want in life. The problem is that they want everyone to stay in the same zone as them. But as the world moves on, the rules will change along the way. Whether you like it or not, you need to know not everyone is going to play by the same rules as you. This is part and parcel of life. The recent pink dot saga is one of the many examples. It is just a banner. There is no gay agenda, no targeting at naive kids and definitely not trying to turn all Singaporean males into gay. Trust me, there are plenty of heterosexual males to go around. All are willing to participate in the procreation of the next Singapore generation. If you hate pinkdot, you can lock yourself at home and make a call to the Police station. Happy calling! =)








3 reasons on why Same Sex Marriage is wrong.


"Australia is falling further and further behind," he said. "Australian legislators who refuse to allow marriage equality to pass by having a free vote in parliament are bringing ever more shame on our nation."Croome also said Taiwan's court decision should be a comfort to social conservatives that marriage equality is not a "radical" reform."Taiwan is traditionally a socially conservative society so its movement toward marriage equality should reassure social conservatives in Australia that the reform is not a radical one."Director of The Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady, said the ruling laid out a clear path for Taiwan to "simply legislate" – and said the same should happen in Australia."Poll after poll shows that the people of both Taiwan and Australia support marriage equality for their lesbian and gay family members and friends, neighbours and work colleagues."

First of all, I want to congratulate Taiwan for taking the first step in legalizing same sex marriage.

It is a great news to show that Asia is actually forward thinking and able to place love above hate.

However, there will definitely be a bunch of people coming up of various reasons to say why it’s wrong.

  1. Using God again 



I used to be in the Church, belting out church songs and totally a devoted bible lover. But I was too tired of all the fear they try to conjure out from the book.  Eventually, I went back to Buddhism, the religion of peace and zen. But come to think of it, Isn’t Jesus all about love? Why are you guys so obsess about the old testament? If you guys want to talk about the fiery destruction of a sin-sick world. You are the first sinner to received the fire bolt.

The true sin of the Sodomites as described in the Bible has nothing to do with same-sex acts per se. Rather, the ancient Sodomites were punished by God for far greater sins: for attempted gang rape, for mob violence, and for turning their backs on strangers and the needy who were in their midst. In other words, the real sin of Sodom was radical inhospitality. And, ironically, it is often anti-gay Christians who are most guilty of this sin today.

By Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.

But apparently most of the followers only focus on the “sex”. Gay sex is about consent. Rape isn’t. That’s why they were punished. If God is looking, all the dumbass rapists in Indian have already gotten destruct by the fire sent from above right??

2. Keep quiet and dun talk about it


I can assured you there are still plenty of straight people in this world. And yes, I love your point about overpopulation. We are facing it right now. That’s explain the climate change you are seeing on the News everyday. Trust me, it actually will not work. The problem is that even homosexuals want to start their own family as well. Haha! The arrival of baby coming into a loving family is certainly something we can all celebrate together. But my dear, nobody like to be quiet about it.  We want the same things as you have too. A loving partner, a house, hospital visiting rights and maybe kids. By wanting all of that, we are unable to love each other like how you find a prostitute behind your wife. We want the whole world to know that we are in love. It’s the most basic human need and want.

3. Politics


To be honest, it’s really the people of Taiwan who bring forward the change you have seen today. They have been advocating for more than 30 years. The government is finally listening. So now, you are using numbers and figure to make your stand on this point. You know news is still just a news. The result has been confirmed. Gay are able to bring their love one to ROM and register their marriage together after 2 years. Why legalize? It’s not solely for legal sex only. It’s a legal protection to all the people who have stayed together for 60 plus years and you aren’t seen as a family member because of some stupid rule that same sex aren’t able to get marry. It’s a protection to all the children that they have together. Both should have the legal rights to their own children. In case one partner isn’t around, he or she has the parental right to take care of them.

That’s all.

Congratulations! Taiwan!

Why am I ditching Daniel Wellington Watch?


Let me say something right here.

I was a big fan of the brand and was attracted to its clean simplicity design when it was first launched in  2011. So I bought it asap once I graduated 3 years ago from my University.


This is the watch that I bought. A solid beautiful Sheffield design.

Fast forward 2.5 years later, the brand was getting under my nerve. They are too much counterfeit products in the market and they looked and felt almost the same as the real one.

DW has changed from a lifestyle brand to a sales oriented management. It’s good to be sales driven. But it is actually diluting its own brand by not having a strong stance on its product. Anyone can sell. It became a pasam malam brand.


A lot of watch retailers are carrying DW watches in their shop with at a price of $200 plus. Qoo10 Singapore (E-commerce website) is selling it for SG49.99 for a piece. Apparently, China is crushing DW quite badly with its warehouse direct sales and nobody in DW actually gives a damn. So, why would I buy a simple design dress watch that is around $200 plus? I can get it for $50 a piece. Nope, I will choose to back out from this brand.

This time round, it was Solvil Et Titus which caught my eyes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

MODEL NO.06-2873-008

  • – 3-hand automatic movement
  • – Stainless steel case with dark brown oily Leather strap
  • – Blue sunray dial with applied silver color index
  • – Skeleton design at 6 o’clock
  • – Hardened convex crystal
  • – 30M water resistant

I was captured by the design at first before settling down to my first Automatic watch.

Let me end this with a beautiful paragraph I saw on Watch U Seek Forum.

I never understood the allure of mechanical watches. They are so expensive, antiquated, and unnecessary. But they tick. They have a heartbeat. They have weight. My life is spent in front of a computer screen handheld or desktop and the beauty of a handcrafted machine on my wrist is a perfect counterbalance.



Growing old is a pain in the ass for Singaporean “Working class” Elderly

Let’s start by going all the way back to the 60s.

For this post, I will use two 60 years old males as an example of the income gap in Singapore and how it has spiraled down to our current situation.


I will use Mr Wooden Spoon and Mr Silver Spoon as an example right here.

Let’s talk about Mr Wooden spoon first. His dad was a blue-collar worker in the 60s, which was enough to feed a family of 6-8 people.


Example of a Factory Worker in a Paper Factory

To Wooden’s dad, it’s more than enough if his children has clothes to wear, food to eat and a school to attend. When Wooden reached 7 years old, his dad enrolled him into a Chinese-stream school.

In education, for example, the government did not attempt to regulate and support the number of Chinese schools and, at the same time, encourage the growth of English-stream schools. The Chinese-educated became an under-privileged group; they had no opportunities for tertiary education nor could they hope to be employed in the civil service.

~The Development of Education in Singapore Since 1965


There was the first split in between the “Elite” class and the “working” class of Singapore.

Example of a Chinese-Stream School in the 60s as shown below.



Let’s talk about Mr Silver Spoon. His dad was a humble lawyer who was able to afford a good house for his Family. He was one of the minority in his era to understand the importance of Education and started to save up a sum of Money for his Son University’s fees.

Example of a lawyer’s job in the 60s.

Much of my litigation work in Singapore then was concerned with moneylenders’ actions, property disputes (especially rent-controlled disputes) and debt collection. We were paid adequately but not handsomely and, in my case, I was given a fixed bonus of one month every year. However, the cost of living was very low, and a bit of frugality would allow a young lawyer to buy even a small house in the best district in Singapore.

~Reflections of a Former Practitioner

When Silver reached 7 years old, his dad enrolled him into a English-stream school.


Trafalgar English School

When Mr Wooden reached 16 years old, he decided to drop out of school to work instead as tertiary education need a good command of English to enroll in. Mr Silver on the other hand has successfully attained a place in National Junior College, the first specialized co-educational government school established in independent Singapore for top pre-university students.


There is the second split of differences for Singapore. One has succumbed to the fate of “working class” and the other was destined to climb even further up onto the “elite” class ladder.

Fast forward to a few years later, Mr Wooden is a technician who lived from paycheck to paycheck while Mr Silver is a lawyer who understood the theory of Investment.


Right now, both men are in their 60s. Mr Silver is able to retire comfortably in a few years time while Mr Wooden has his financial stress of not having enough to live a basic minimal life and might need to work till to his 80s.

Hopefully Singapore government will do something about this impending issue. Else I will be planning my own retirement at Malaysia with my partner.